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Sales CRM Software connects and integrates your multiple sales processes. Unify all pre-sales and post-sales activities through a single sales CRM platform.
Kapture Lead management CRM acquires and streamlines your prospects to single dashboard and the Lead Management System ensures early on-time lead response.
Sales acceleration software helps to accelerate sales by creating sales funnel report,take action for lead conversion and follow-up your leads. Reach us for more details about sales management and sales crm.
kapture is a business automation platform that helps organisations manage sales, operations and customer service through a dead simple interface. with a mobile first approach, kapture makes your business truly mobile. While Kapture works across all industries, they have customised offering for retail, education, media, ecommerce, healthcare, real estate etc.
Kapture client contact Management allows you to manage your client and business accounts. Through a combined stock and office Management software you can access your complete account Management tools.
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